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Landowners & Farmers



If so, then the ‘Herts & District Metal Detecting Society' is here to help. We can carry out an organised search of your land and what’s more we will pay for the privilege!

We are a club of responsible metal detector users who have experience of detecting on farms in the Hertfordshire countryside over the last 40 years, the oldest detecting club in the UK! 


Our club was formed in order to give metal detector users an opportunity to carry on the hobby under organised and legal conditions. All our members hold valid NCMD memberships, meaning they have the required liability insurance in order to detect on your land. 


Our members record their finds with the Finds Liaison Officer (FLO) for Beds. & Herts., who is based at the Verulamium Museum and regularly attends our club meetings. The FLO is employed by the Portable Antiquities Scheme, a voluntary scheme designed to let members of the public record items of historic and archaeological importance.


Any find of treasure, as defined in the Treasure Act 1996 must be declared. Once the find has been confirmed to be treasure it then goes through the process and the finder & landowner are rewarded the full market value. 

You never know your land might be hiding the next ‘Staffordshire Hoard’.

If you are interested, then click here to contact us.

Have you ever wondered what might lie beneath your land?
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